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These videos are designed to show you what is possible with the Jadwiz racing membership and by watching the tutorials available you will get the information required to keep ahead of Joe public.

Membership AreaJadwiz Videos
Analyse Software2nd Top Rated Handicap Chase Races
Analyse SoftwareAdd Email Address Manually Demo
Analyse SoftwareAintree System 2011
Analyse SoftwareAnalyse Software Export System To Another Computer
Analyse SoftwareAnalyse Test Systems Video
Analyse SoftwareAuto Send Setting Up
Analyse SoftwareAuto Send Setting Up Demo
Analyse SoftwareChange The Colours
Analyse SoftwareChange The Colours Demo
Analyse SoftwareCheltenham Festival 2011
Analyse SoftwareDoncaster March 2012
Analyse SoftwareDoncaster System March 2011
Analyse SoftwareExport Analysed Results To Excel
Analyse SoftwareExport Analysed Results To Excel Demo
Analyse SoftwareExport Emails From Outlook 2003
Analyse SoftwareExport System From Analyse Software
Analyse Softwareexport_emails_from_outlook_2003_demo
Analyse SoftwareFinding The Days Runners
Analyse Softwarefinding_the_days_runners_demo
Analyse SoftwareFlat 2yo System - Update August 2012
Analyse SoftwareFlat Favourites 2nd Last Time Out
Analyse SoftwareImporove Sire Ratings - Step 1
Analyse SoftwareImporove Sire Ratings - Step 2
Analyse SoftwareImporove Trainer Ratings - Step 1
Analyse SoftwareImporove Trainer Ratings - Step 2
Analyse SoftwareImport Monster System
Analyse SoftwareImporting Email Addresses
Analyse Softwareimporting_email_addresses_demo
Analyse SoftwareImprove Combined Ratings - Step 1
Analyse SoftwareImprove Combined Ratings - Step 2
Analyse SoftwareImprove Horse Ratings - Step 1
Analyse SoftwareImprove Horse Ratings - Step 2
Analyse SoftwareImprove Ratings - Step 1
Analyse SoftwareImprove Ratings - Step 2
Analyse SoftwareImprove Ratings - Step 3
Analyse SoftwareImprove Ratings - Step 4
Analyse Softwareimprove_combined_ratings_step_1_demo
Analyse Softwareimprove_combined_ratings_step_2_demo
Analyse Softwareimprove_horse_ratings_step_1_demo
Analyse Softwareimprove_horse_ratings_step_2_demo



Todays Form

Warsaw Pact is a 14yo from the Steven Dixon stable who has some average form which means that it good enough to fill one of the places in this 21f race which
...read more


Race Horse Book
There are over one hundred thousand race horse books and these excellent race horse souvenir books can be purchased for any race horse which has competed in the UK over the last 25 years and gives the reader
...read more


Weekender System
Weekender System we need to know how many times a horse is engaged to run over a short period, owners and trainers naturally enter their horses in more races when they have them ready to give their best.
...read more


Scalping On Betfair
Scalping is short term trading. It is a form of sports arbitrage betting. A scalping trader looks to make lots of small profits, which in time add up. Scalping relies on lots of active participants in the market.
...read more


Online Form Guide
The Jadwiz Racing online form guide gives you the information you need to make an informed selection wether it be purly based on our ratings or by making use of past data which shows how the top rated runners with each set of ratings have performed.
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Horse Racing Membership


membership includes

Printable Form Guide


Quick and easy to download and print means your up and running in no time and while finding winners is not always easy you can now swi...

Online Form Guide


Online Form Guide is the same high quality form guide as the pdf version but also includes quick and easy access to a wealth of other ...

Horse Racing Systems


Horse Racing Systems generally have a limited shelf life and keeping up to date with changing conditions can be difficult unless you u...

Horse Racing Tips


Horse Racing Tips can be a mine field and while Merlin the wizard could supply you endless winners, I think you will agree that wizard...

Analyse Horse Racing Software


Analyse Software is easy to use which helps you to create your own systems instead of relying on those old ones which have been sold m...

Racecourse Specialists


Racecourse Specialists is one of many ways of making a race selection and we have all herd the saying 'horses for courses' but what ab...

Horse Racing Tissue Prices


Tissue Prices lets you see how a market should be priced up and this will give you the confidence to back all your race day selections...

Race Horse Notes


Horse Notes software is easy to use and lets you quickly make notes for horses, sires, trainers and jockeys and when a runner is found...

Horse Racing Crossword Books


60 Horse Racing Crossword books are ideal for every horse racing fan or anyone who prefers a new crossword everyday, quick to download...

Horse Racing Database


Horse Racing Database which includes UK results from 1991 and with the supplied software quickly and effortlessly analyse the outcome ...

Horse Racing Betting Manager


The Jadwiz Betting Manager is a great piece of software which helps you to not only keep track of all your bets by showing you any profit ...

Horse Racing Betting Manager


Access to the information, for a beginner bettor, or someone who wants to take their betting to the next level, Jadwiz can show you the way..