Horse Racing System

Newmarket System

Newmarket System

Newmarket System is for handicaps only and involves form figures. What we are looking for is a horse that hasn't won its last three races but finished second in at least one of them. It is best to wait until a horse has run at least three times before giving it consideration and allow up to six races in the form figures.

Usually, the more noughts there are in the form figures, the longer the starting price of the horse will be, particularly if nought was the most recent figure.

Horse Racing SystemsThe reason we are looking for a second in the form figures is because horses that have managed to finish second are, in general, triers. Some examples of form figures to look for.

Example: 3 runs combination: 200 020 222
Example: 4 runs combination: 2000 0020 2202
Example: 5 runs combination: 20000 02020 20202
Example: 6 runs combination: 202000 022020 202020

The selection method is very simple but very effective, and a whole meeting can be assessed in a couple of minutes. After you have found the correct form figures, check to see if your horse is in the betting forecast in a morning paper. If not, discard it.

If it is in the betting forecast, check to see if it is tipped by at least one of the newspaper tipsters. If it is not, check to see if it has (sf) after its name, meaning strongly fancied.

If the horse does not satisfy these criteria, discard it and go into the next race. This system often produces selections at good prices, any selection over 5/1 should be backed each way.

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The next horse racing system which we will be looking at can be found at Second Favourite System or you can make your way over to our Horse Racing Systems Index page.

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