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Laying SystemBook 2013 System Number 8

Horse Racing System
Number 8

So we move on and are now ready to take a look at the next horse racing system in this book about the top systems for 2013 and this time we are on number 8 in the series.

This racing system not only made a profit but has a good strike rate and in the top racing systems by profit list found at the back of this book it finished at number 8.

Looking at the system from a different viewpoint we see that in the R.O.I. list that this one did enough to finish at number 8 in that list so could be worth using.

The system itself is one of the racing systems that would be of interest for jump racing fan as it uses that code of racing but the races themselves will need to be non-handicaps.

This system is course dependant and in Yorkshire there are a number of these but the only one that we really need to be concerned with is Catterick, any other is a no go.

As we know most horses do finish the event in which they take part in but there are a number who don’t and it’s the ones which were pulled up in their last UK Jump race that we are interested in.

During 2013 this racing system had 17 runners with 17 of them winning giving it a strike rate of 100% and the total profit for the year was £161.50 to a ten pound stake.

Looking at system number 8 and its overall performance in our top horse racing systems for 2013 we see that this one finished up at number 7 in our list.

System Recap

Must be a Jump race
Must be a Non-Handicap race
Must be a Catterick Racecourse race
Must of FinishedPulledUpLastTimeOut

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