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Cheltenham Festival Banker

Winning big time at the Cheltenham Festival is many a punters dream, including mine but not many have done it although many have tried and failed, but the odd good winner in not too difficult to find, it’s the doubling up that’s the hard bit.

With that said over the years the Cheltenham Festival has been kind to me with a number of long odds horses obliging and this year I’m looking for that favourite which we call the meeting banker on which to double up with a long odds selection.

There are usually a number of selections put up as the banker of the Cheltenham Festival but who should we listen to? It’s a tough one but my belief is that it should be someone or something that has proved itself over a long period of time.

There are a number of tipster which have been around for a number of years but most of these know their value and will charge you for what they recognise as a good thing, however there are other ways of getting this information.

The problem most have is they want the information but don’t like the idea of paying for, yes sometimes tipsters will give it out for free but nevertheless at some point you will have to pay to continue to receive the material.

On this occasion what I’m about to tell you is free and will be well worth taking note as this has proved itself, in fact it has done it over and over again, the last twenty odd years, to be precise.

That’s a long time for such a simple idea to keep working but then again the best ideas are usually the most simple and in the case of this one it really is a beauty.

As I have already said this has worked for over twenty years and it usually comes up with one runner for the festival which is usually turns out to be the banker of the meeting and I expect it to be the same this year.

So why are we looking for? Well it must be the race favourite in a non-handicap and its sex must either be a mare or a horse, another words a complete race horse, like I said very simple but effective.

Most years there have only been one during the entire festival but we many get lucky and see two, in any case one banker for the meeting is all you really need, the hard bit is finding one on which to double up and go away very happy.



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