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Mile Horses Get Early Start

More often than not it’s the middle distance and sprit horses that gets most of the press space in the newspapers and in view of this I’m going to make a case for the mile horses and not only that but give you a good reason to be on the lookout for these.

Because milers do not fall into any of the above, that is sprinters or middle distance runners they can quite easily get forgotten about, this need not be a bad thing where betting is concerned and does actually give us an advantage over Joe Public.

Looking at mile races last year I noticed that backing favourites was not too bad of a thing to be doing, at least in handicap races in any case because there was a profit to be found even at the returned starting price.

This profit was found by only backing the favourites on Mondays, why that is I’m not sure but hey what the hell it made a good few pounds last year and hopefully it will continue again during this season.

Now I will admit that the return on investment is not astronomical and is only a few percent but we are talking about the starting prices and by shopping around you can very easily beat the sp which could very well increase profit dramatically?

Ok so looking around for the best price may not be for everyone but those that do could very well be the ones which take home the bounty, so there it is a very simply way of backing favourites which last year returned a nice profit.

So all we now need to do is wait for the flat season and to keep an eye out for one mile handicap races and get on at the best price that is on offer by our bookmaker friends, anyway good luck and see soon.



Todays Form

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