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Profiting From 2yo Horses

In racing there is not often anything in which we can get excited about from the point of view of making a nice profit, there are systems but some of these can be difficult to follow which is not something we are really looking for.

However if we take our time there are still ways in which we can sometimes profit without doing that much work, the less the better I hear you say, and in this case there is not that much to do.

Well I suppose you will have to place a bet but if you did not do that how are you going to pick up the winning after the horses have won, you can’t so yes there will be some work on your part only not very much.

Two year old racing may not be for everyone as there appears to be no form, but that is not strictly true, yes it may look that way but most of the form studying is done by the bookmaker who tell everyone how to bet.

What we need to do is find a simple angle in which to beat the system which judging by last year’s results is not that difficult, in 2014 I will agree that backing all 2yo’s produced a loss and quite a big one, but like I said there is a way.

This method is not hard to follow and had a strike rate of over twenty percent last year and gave followers a good return on their money, which is not something that most punter got and most of ended the year well out of pocket.

As I have said this produced good results last year for 2yo horses so the first thing is to look for any 2yo, this is easy as they don’t race against older horses so all you need to do is find 2yo races.

These races must be run on a stiff course and basically you’re looking at Brighton and Carlisle, if the race is not on either of these courses your work is done ‘No Bet’.

If there are races at any of the said racecourses then you should only back them if the runner is a colt, this information can usually be found next t the horse name and is generally available either in newspapers or online.

There won’t be that many runners during the year but if we can get another one like 2014 it will not matter as the profits will come and by the end of the year it will be a case happy days are here again.



Todays Form

Fille Des Champs is a 7yo from the Evan Williams stable who has some unproductive form and does not look to be up to this 20f race which taking part here at
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