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Chester Races Easy Winnings

One of the top racecourses in the UK is Chester which is unique in that not only are you very close to the action, something which is not the case with most, but the runners are nearly always on the turn.

This can create problems and a good low draw has been paramount for trainers with runners which are ready to win, so much so that over the years there have been massive profits to be had for the clued up punter.

However, over the last five years more and more punters have taken note of the draw at Chester which has reduced the effectiveness of using the draw to get an advantage but it still can be found by looking for a good experienced jockey.

At Chester these jockeys are worth their weight in gold and a top jockey which is set to emerge on a runner from one of the first three stalls has a massive advantage over all others.

Believe me the profits are still there you just have to do a bit more work, something a lot of race goers are not prepared to do, but that is their loss not ours.

So before you set off for the prestigious May meeting at Chester do a bit of homework before you leave, concentrate on the first three stalls and check that the horse has one of the top jockeys at the course ridding.

Once you have done this then a trip to the parade ring would not go a miss, I’m sure you can go one race without a drink at least and there will be times when one horse will look better than another even if you’re not an expert.

It may be the case that even after viewing the runners in the parade ring you still can’t make up your mind but you never know who you might bump into on the way, this chance meeting may very well set you up for the day.

If after all this you still fail to find a winner Chester racecourse is virtually in the city center and therefore only a short walk to either do a bit of shopping or maybe drown your sorrows in one the many drinking establishments.



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