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Deadly Newmarket Geldings

Anyone involved in horse racing whether it be stable staff or the betting public they will all know that Newmarket is headquarters, not only that but is also one of the biggest, if not the biggest training area in the world.

So you may be wondering why I have called this article ‘The Deadly Newmarket Geldings’, well it is because backing these types of horses can be very fatal on the pocket, not all of them but there are a large number.

Looking at the results over the last few years shows that punters who backed 2yo geldings at Newmarket have lost, and when I say lost I mean big time, so what can be learned from this.

Well one of the ways in which we could use this information is on the betting exchanges where we could lay the 2yo geldings until the cows come home or it may be possible to profit from these in another way.

One way could be to back any 2yo gelding which has raced at Newmarket but is now racing else ware, I have not checked the results for this but there could very well be an angle or advantage to be had by doing so.

Why do I think there could possibly be profits to be had by backing 2yo geldings which have raced at Newmarket and are now running elsewhere, well if the runner is not good enough to win a race then it may as well run locally which saves transport costs.

If however it runs at another course then the will be these transport costs which means it must have some sort of chance of recuperating these cost, it could be the calibre of horses racing at Newmarket is high.

If this is the case then we would assume again that when it races again lower class of horses it would have a chance of winning, will repeat I have not checked this but it could very well be worth following during the flat turf season.



Todays Form

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