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I heard someone the other day say ‘I wish it was the weekend again’ it was a just a simple statement which got me thinking about jockeys, do they look forward to the weekend in the same way, well I believe they do.

So I started checking results over the last few years to see if there could be an angle for punters in which to profit and found that jockeys claiming seven pounds was the first piece of the jigsaw with the second being the horse must be the favourite.

No particular reason only that I know you all love backing the good old jolly and this keeps losing runs to a minimum and the beauty of this system is it can be used for both flat and jump racing, it makes no difference.

So we know we are looking for a seven pound claiming jockey on the favourite and as this article is called ‘Weekend Jockeys’ you will have already guessed that the race must be taking part on the weekend, in this case either a Friday or Saturday.

So is that it I hear you ask, well yes you could go with that and over the last few years it has created a nice profit but it can be enhanced by adding one last criteria and that is the horse must be bay in colour.

So there we have it a good system that can be used for either flat or jump racing which all came from over hearing a simple statement of someone wishing it was the weekend again, that it for now time for me to take a break.



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