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Jadwiz Newsletter - February 2015

Top Sires Produce Good AW Profits During February

Right then February is nearly here along with the cold weather so i have been looking for something that can help with the fuel bill and came up with the following.

I'm not sure but there may of been a similar system to this in the past but in any case if there has its sill working and could very well be worth taking note of the runners during the month.

As the weather can be cold there is a high risk of meetings being abandoned so decided that it would be best to concentrate on all weather racing and it quickly became clear the Kempton was the place to be.

To start with i went through the top rated results looking for some kind of starting point and found that using the top rated in the sire ratings looked promising.

With that decided i checked handicap v stakes races which usually sort results out to either profit or loss and found handicaps was where my efforts should be concentrated.

So far so good but was not good enough so the next step was to look at differnt race distances and by doing this it came to light that sprint races produced some very good profits during the month of February.

These results are not astronmical but then we are only looking at one month of the year, if this could be done for all the others then there could be a tidy profit to be made over the year.


How Much Could We Make

Well if we had of backed each top rated runner using the sire ratings (which are marked _S_ in the Jadwiz Form Guide) since 2008 then the profit would of been around £60 to a pound stake, the strike rate was 19% with a ROI of about 63%.


How To Follow This System

To follow this system is easy enough and you can either use the online form guide or download the pdf version which allows printing which is usful if you are going to the races.

First we are only using runners at Kempton (AW) and must be racing in a handicap sprint (5f or 6f), look for the coloum marked _S_ and find the top rated. Once you have done this you have your selection, thats it nice and easy to follow.




Todays Form

Comeonthebull is a 6yo from the Robert Stephens stable who has some unproductive form and does not look to be up to this 15f race which taking part here at F
...read more


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