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Jadwiz Newsletter - March 2013

Doncaster Lincoln Meeting Winners

With the Doncaster Lincoln this Saturday I have been looking for an easy way of finding winning selections and over the last five years this has not been that difficult.

There has been a simply but effective method of backing the top three rated with our main set of ratings which are the combined, backing the top three may not seem a good idea but with this meeting it has clearly worked.

May guess would be that there are large fields with good prices on offer due to it being very early in the season and conflicting stories coming out of the training yards.

This method has produced some very good results over the years and the images below shows that while the strike rate is not high the return has been very consistent

Doncaster 2013

 Doncaster March 2013

That's it for this newsletter a very quick and easy way of pin pointing winners at this Easter weekends meeting at Doncaster.


Top Rated Record Last Twelve Month

The strike rates below show how each set of ratings have performed over the last twelve months when a runner has been either top, 2nd or 3rd rated in that category.



The first race category says 'Race Class' and if we follow that row along to the combined ratings column we might see a strike rate of 16%, this would mean that over the last twelve months when a runner has been top rated with the combined ratings in today's class of race a 16% strike rate has been recorded.

The bottom row shows the average strike rate for that column and in brackets is the overall strike rate for that set of ratings based on data over the last few years.



Using the table marked 2nd top rated and the horse ratings column we might see 16%(14%) this means that there could be an advantage because over the last few years there has only been a strike rate of 14% recorded for runners that where 2nd top rated with the horse ratings but today's race conditions show a 16% strike rate.


Finding A Runner

So lets assume that the top rated table shows there is an advantage using the combined ratings for this race, to find the runner look for the top rated runner in the column marked _C_ in the race runners section, top rated runners are always coloured green. If you are using the 2nd top rated then you will need to look for the runner with the 2nd highest rating in that column.




Todays Form

Rosie Lea is a 5yo from the Stuart Kittow stable who has some average form which means that it good enough to fill one of the places in this 18f race which t
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