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Jadwiz Newsletter - December 2012

Happy New Year

First thing I would like to do is wish everyone a happy new year and with the new January system hopefully a very profitable one.

As you know each month a new system is released and this months looks like it could be one of the best yet, instead of a system that operates all year round the monthly systems will now be valid just for that month.

This I feel is a better approach as we can concentrate on getting the largest profit in the shortest space of time and as always finding the days qualifying runners is very easy.


January Monthly System 2013

So onto the system itself and I have decided to take a slightly different approach with this one, as you know race conditions can be extreme at this time of the year so we need runners which can handle this type of environment.

So how do we find these runners that can handle these often extreme conditions?

Well I feel that the sire ratings would be best suited to this as the sires attributes will be passed down to their offspring.

So we are going to be concentrating on the sire ratings and in this case the top two in jump races only, problem with using the top two is there were too many runners which meant there was still a bit more research to be done.

So a quick check found by using only runners in non-handicaps got the required increase in profit that we were after, but could there still needed more work to be done, so what could we try?

Well another thing I looked at to improve things was trainers and jockeys and to cut a long story short we do not want to include trainers which have recent form which is classed as above average in the form guide.

As you know punters follow trainers and jockeys in form and this will be the most likely reason that using them produced a lower profit.

So how well has this system perform over the last five years during the month of January?

Answer is extremely well, there have been 784 runners and 105 winners which gives around a 14% strike rate and while not great the profits are tremendous.

Profit was +£171 to a one pound stake at sp and +£250 with Betfair if you assume a 15% better than sp.

Monthly System January 2013

There were a number of large priced winners selected by this system over the last five January's, in fact four at 50/1 or above, largest was 100/1 and I have no doubt that Betfair would of paid far great odds than 15% over sp.

So with 784 runners over the last five years during the month of January it works out at about five runners per day.


System Results

For those of you that would like to view the results i have created an excel file which you can download, to do so click here.


Finding The Days Qualifying Runners

This is very easy and all you need to do is use the link below and select Monthly System January 2013, remember to bookmark this page it will make getting the runners far more easy.

Please Note: This system is for January 2013 only and therefore no runners will display before or after this period.

 Monster And Monthly System Runners




Todays Form

Panmolle Filly who for this race has Robert Havlin on board which looks like helping here on ground which is marked down as Standard Looking through
...read more


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