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Jadwiz Newsletter - February 2012

Backing Top Rated Favourites To Make A Profit

The goal of every punter is finding winners but not any old winner it has to have a structure to the plan otherwise we will fail in our mission to be a successful punter.

So the first thing we need to work on is the structure of our betting which must have a high strike rate along with profit, sounds obvious but is not always easy to achieve.

One thing that every punter knows is that the favourite has the highest strike rate of any runner in a race which consistently hits the 32% mark and has done for as long as anyone can remember.

We now have our starting point but just backing the jolly old favourite is not going to get us anywhere apart from maybe a nick name or two but I won't go into that, not now in any case.

Back to the job in hand and as stated we will be concentrating on the favourites but still need to find some way of filtering these into a more workable solution.
So what else do we know, well for starters we know there are five sets of ratings included with your Jadwiz membership and top rated horses win far more often than those that are not rated so highly.

It would seem likely that if we only back the top rated if it is the favourite then the strike rate would increase, but would that get use a profit? It may create a profit but how do we go about finding this information.

The best way of doing this would be to use the Analyse Software which is included in the Jadwiz Racing membership. So we now know where to get this information but how do we go about this fact finding mission?

There are two ways, one do the analysing yourself or two just keep reading this article. You have chosen the easy method of continuing to read which is probably one of the best decisions you will make because I can tell you searching for a good system is not easy.

So the question is did I find anything of use, well yes I did otherwise I would not be writing this and we are going to concentrate on the horse ratings but only the top rated where the runner is favourite and then only back it if the race is before six o'clock.

This method is so simple with little thinking involved that anyone can do it and has consistently make money for over twelve months now with a 46% strike rate.

So you may wonder why we are only backing horses in races up six o'clock well the reason is the top jockeys are often on these favourites and generally and have much more busy schedules and become more prone to lapses in concentration.

Basically all members have to do is just look for the column marked '_H_' which signifies the horse ratings and back the top rated if it's the favourite.

I believe that using this method will bring us all a well timed boost in betting money and increase our enjoyment of the up and coming Cheltenham Festival Meeting.

Backing Top Rated Favourites


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