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Jadwiz Newsletter - September 2013

Simple & Effective Race Selections

Form guide ratings can be as simple or complicated as you like but most would agree that the straightforward and effect method of race selection provided by Jadwiz Racing gives the racing punter the best way forward.

Finding winners is not always easy but we can achieve our goal by first getting ourselves a starting point and this is done by concentrating on the first three in the ratings.

By concentrating on the top three rated horses gives us the advantage of knowing it has some of the best form lines in the race and at the same time effectively makes the event a more manageable size.

This approach is always a good idea as it speeds up the selection process and gives us more time to do other things, after all we don't want to get bogged down looking for selections.

Now backing three runners in a race is not always a good idea and as a punter we need to find some extra helpful information so that we can make our race selections which is easily achieved by making use of the race write up which is available for all races.

These write ups or runner comments if you like contain extra valuable information which punters can readily make use of and only takes a few seconds to read and by reading these comments we will also know if the trainer & jockey are inform.

There are other methods that punters use to find their race selections and we will cover that in the next chapter which is making use of racecourse specialists which can often be helpful in pin pointing big priced winners.


Finding course Specialists

Some punters swear by course specialists and why shouldn't they, after all they have the proven form and its not only the horses that do well at certain courses but also jockeys and trainers.

As we all know trainers are creatures of habit and once they have their winning formula the recipe does not tend to change and this is where the astute punter can gain an edge.

This is why Jadwiz Racing provide extensive information on horses, trainers, jockeys and even sires at different racecourses and is easily obtained. But having the information is only half the battle as we also need to know how to use it to get ourselves the best possible advantage.

Knowing the strike rate is all well and good providing that there are enough runs but this is not always the case and that is why we also show the number of times that the horse, trainer jockey and sires have filled the first three places.

In the example image below we have chosen sire specialists for today's meeting at Brighton which displays both the specialists name (which in this case is the sire) and horse name along with the race meeting.

The race meeting is hyperlinked so all you need to do is click and it takes you right to the selected race.

Horse Racing Racecourse Specialists

A horse may have had one win from seven starts at a particular course which is not a great strike rate but if we also know that it finished in the first three on all the other starts then this is useful.

It tells us that its not far away when running at the course and therefore can often go in a very good odds where as if it has a good strike rate everyone knows it does well and the starting price is not so good.

List of today's course specialists can be found at Racecourse Specialists


Enhancing The Method

So we have our simple and effective method of using course specialists but why stop there after all with a bit more thinking who knows what we could come up with which would get us an even bigger advantage.

So what could we do?

Well we could cross reference our list of horses against the trainers, jockeys and sires for the today's course runners, this would not only cut the list down to a more manageable size but also make sure that everything is in our favour.

While this would take a bit more time and work by the user it could provide a huge advantage and sill be a relatively simple way of finding race selections.

When I say cross reference I mean check each list at the selected meeting, example list the jockey, trainer, sire and horse specialists and see which ones appear in each list.

It would be up to the individual on how may lists each one appears but with a bit of trial and error the could very well be an edge. 




Todays Form

Chambard is a 6yo from the Venetia Williams stable who has some unproductive form and does not look to be up to this 15f race which taking part here at Ffos
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