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This area gives the user a quick snap shot of what happens to trainers runners after races whether it is its their last race, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th last race and can be a valuable tool when looking for potential race winners. To get this information all the user needs to do is click the name of the trainer with our online form guide.

Horse Racing Crossword BooksWhen a trainer is selected the results shown are related to that runner and will be different for other runners for the same trainer, this is because the data displayed is course and race conditions dependant.

In the screen shot displayed you can see it relates to a runner’s 5th last race and underneath there are a number of categories listed along with a strike rate and profit.

The displayed screen shot relates to a runner for trainer K R Burke and the 2nd top line lets us know that at the racecourse where the race was taking place if one of his runners had raced on a course which races in the same rotation in its 5th last race they then went on to win 40% of their races at today’s racecourse.

Another example is when a K R Burke runner ran on a galloping course on its 5th last race they then went on to win 21% of their races at today’s racecourse, also with a nice profit.

The listed categories shown here relate to the runners 5th last race, this means where is says 'Not Favourite' it tells us that when the one of the trainers horses was not favourite on its 5th last race it and then ran at this course the trainers runners won 20% of its races.


please note the above content is no longer avaliable, see below for latest version


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