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Horse Racing Help

Jockey Trainer Winning Zone

The winning zone page for trainers and jockeys starts the same as others in that all the race details are there for you and so that you know the conditions for the event which we are viewing and is colour code in blue with the trainer and jockey winning zone below it which displays the details for each runner in this zone and is colour code purple

Inside each of these runner boxes we have two gauges, one for the jockey and the other for todays trainer and these will let us know if they are said to be in or out of their winning zone so will be of use when viewing each of the runners form as we really should be concentrating on those who are in a position where they can win.

Horse Racing Winning ZoneThe gauge itself which you may of already seen has three main areas which are red, amber and green and these colours related to how much of a chance they are deemed to have as far as this area is concerned in any case, so lets take a look at what each of these coloured areas on our gauge means.

The top area is green and if we are lucky enough to get a trainer or jockey in this area then this means that over fifty percent of their winners come have been made here so is really the place to be but there is also the colour amber which is when a trainer or jockey get between thirty and fifty percent of the winners, so still and very good place to be.

On the other hand when a trainer or jockey gets less than thirty percent of their winners they are placed in the red zone and is not really where we are looking to find our runner, this does not mean it cannot win but just that it is far better having a runner in a winning zone rather than in an average sort of position

So we have read a bit about the jockey and trainer winning zone section of the Jadwiz form guide and now its time to move on again to another area which we can make use of and this is our book system runners which can let us know for which systems a runner qualifies for in our historical systems books, all years from 1992 are available.

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Before we move onto the next help topic there is a short video below which you should watch which will give you a better understanding of the layout and how this area works.

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