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historical betting systems book 2011

This historical horse racing betting systems book for 2011 can be used by any horse racing enthusiast and each system is spread over two pages and includes a graph which shows the profit that the system generated during 2011.

Historical Betting Systems Book 2011There are seventy five horse racing betting systems in this pocket sized book and these will be of great interest to anyone who has a liking for horse racing betting systems.

The total profit for all the racing betting systems in this book during 2011 was around 16,830 pounds for a ten pound stake, there are a total of 34 flat racing system and 41 jump racing systems all of which made a good profit during 2011.

These historical horse racing betting systems could very well still be relevant today and all that would be required to follow these will be a small piece of your time each day.

The total number of runners for the systems in this book during 2011 was 1927 and this equates to around 5 runners on an average day but this figure could vary greatly depending on the racing taking place and summer time has far more racing so there will no doubt be far more runners during the period when evening racing is taking place.

These betting systems were compiled using data from 2011 and this pdf book is pocket sized and perfect bound with seventy five horse racing betting systems, total page count is approximately 168.



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