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All historical betting systems books pdf

You have selected to buy the complete set of our historical betting systems books by making a one off payment and these historical horse racing betting systems book can be used by any horse racing enthusiast and each system is spread over two pages and includes a graph which shows the profit that the system generated during the book year.

historical betting systems booksThere are seventy five horse racing betting systems in each pocket sized book and these will be of great interest to anyone who has a liking for horse racing betting systems.

These historical horse racing betting systems could very well still be relevant today and all that would be required to follow these will be a small piece of your time each day.

If you plan to follow these systems then access to the days racing and runners will be required to check a runners last UK race and most of this can be found in a newspaper or online, e.g. bookmakers website or in the racing post which most bookmakers have on display.


All Historical Betting systems Books Plus Runners

In addition to the complete set of historical betting systems books (PDF) you also get access to the online facility which lists all the runners, for all the systems, in all the books.

Access to the online facility for each book is for twelve months from the date that payment is taken, at the end of the twelve month term you will need to renew.

These books are PDF and will be supplied via a download link.

Historical Systems Books Runners

If you are looking for the printed version then click here


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Free Horse Racing Form
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