Horse Racing Database
You can now get your own horse racing database which includes UK results from 1991 and with the supplied software quickly and effortlessly analyse the outcome of races.

This horse racing database will be of great help to those of you who like to know which runners have the best chance of winning and making a profit. Analysing is very easy and involves no more than selecting the areas of racing that you are interested in.
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Horse Racing Database
Jadwiz Betting Manager
The Jadwiz Betting Manager is a great piece of software which helps you to not only keep track of all your bets by showing any profit or loss but also allows you to quickly analyse your betting history to find the best areas of racing on which to concentrate your efforts.

Open the software and a quick look at the overview zone will show you a snap shot of your betting history with information such as profit/loss for a number of areas of racing, racecourse, race class and so on.

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Jadwiz Racing Betting Manager

Jadwiz Racing
Now’s the time to discover
Jadwiz Racing and appreciate
what many others already know
which is our form guide is clear
with excellent race write ups.

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Quick Horse Racing Tip
Quick Horse Racing Tip

To get an excellent strike rate we can concentrat on backing joint top rated in our horse and combined ratings when they start as the favourite, this gives a strike rate of approximately 50%.
Horse Racing Form Ratings
Discover Jadwiz Horse Racing and appreciate what many others already know and that is our form guide is clear and simple to use with excellent race write ups.

Quick and easy to download and while finding winners is not always easy you can now swiftly achieve your goal Discover Jadwiz Horse Racingby using the Jadwiz Form Guide everyday.

In addition to the excellent form guide there are a whole host of items are available to members which are listed below and all for
a one off payment which gets
you access for either
six or twelve month.
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Download Free Racing Form
Download The PDF Form Guide

One of the quickest ways to get started is to download our form guide which comes as a pdf, Download Now.
Printable Form Guide
Printable Racing Form Guide

Quick and easy to download which means your up and running in no time and while finding winners is not always easy you can now swiftly achieve your goal by using the Jadwiz Form Guide everyday.

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Online Form Guide
Online Racing Form Guide

The same high quality form guide as the pdf version but also includes quick and easy access to a wealth of other information which includes the ability to plough deeper.

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Horse Racing Systems
Horse Racing Systems

Horse Racing Systems generally have a limited shelf life and keeping up to date with changing conditions can be difficult unless you use Jadwiz Racing who analyse their exclusive ratings.

                                                     read more horse racing systems
Analyse Software
Analyse Horse Racing Software

Easy to use product which helps you to create your own systems instead of relying on those old ones which have been sold many times over.

                       read more analyse software
Race Day Tips
Racing Race Day Tips

Horse Racing Tips can be a mine field and while Merlin the wizard could supply you endless winners, I think you will agree that wizards are a bit thin on the ground.
                             read more race day tips
Tissue Prices Software
Horse Racing Tissue Prices

Using our tissue prices lets you see how a market should be priced up and this will give you the confidence to back all your race day selections.
               read more tissue prices software
Racecourse Specialists
Horse Racing Course Specialists

There are many ways of making a race selection and one of those that is under used is the racecourse specialist, yes we have all herd the saying ‘horses for courses’ but what about trainers, jockeys and sires.

                                                    read more racecourse specialists
Horse Note Software
Horse Racing Notes Software

Easy to use product which lets you quickly make notes for horses, sires, trainers and jockeys and when a runner is found the software pops up to inform the user

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Jadwiz On Your Smartphone
Horse Racing Mobile Smartphone

Mobile website is a tremendous help to those who want access to information that is not generally available to the general public while away from home

      read more Jadwiz on your smartphone

                                             view today's free mobile race meeting
Horse Racing Crossword Books
Horse Racing Notes Software

60 horse racing crossword books are ideal for every horse racing fan or anyone who prefers a new crossword everyday, quick to download and easy to print.  

  read more horse racing crossword books
Jadwiz Racing now includes a large number of other webites all of which form part of the Jadwiz Group Of Websites and each of these sites have their own set of ratings and racing tips.

Access to these websites which form part of the Jadwiz Group are an additional and extra bonus which will enhance your membership giving you amazing value for money.

To view these websites simply click any of the icons below or you can get extra information by going to
Jadwiz Horse Racing Group
Jadwiz Group Of Websites
Jadwiz Horse Racing Group
Jadwiz Racing
Free Form Guide

To get your free
Jadwiz form guide
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Free Form Guide

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Free Horse Racing Form
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Horse Racing Form Ratings
Analyse Horse Racing Software
Scalping On Betfair

Scalping On Betfair

Scalping is short term trading. It is a form of sports arbitrage betting. A scalping trader looks to make lots of small profits, which in time add up. Scalping relies on lots of active participants in the market.

Scalping on Betfair on UK horse racing is the best place for this type of sports arbitrage betting. This is because you have lots of liquidity in these markets, in particular just before the start of the race, because you get a surge of money coming into the market.

The concept is simple, if you back a price you must lay at a higher price, or, if you lay a price you must back a lower price to make a profit. Whatever happens your profit is guaranteed and is equal to the difference or spread between the back and lay price. The Betfair betting exchange is an ideal place to trade in this way.

In this article we’ll look at the basics of scalping on Betfair and how to scalp.

Scalping on Betfair Basics

You can scalp any betting market. However, you must have enough people participating in the market or enough liquidity.

The UK horse racing market on Betfair lends its self to scalping because of the amount of participants and volume of money entering the market. When we talk about scalping here we will be referring to UK horse racing for the reasons mentioned.

Scalping on Betfair involves pre race scalping rather than trading prices when a horse race is in play. The pre race markets is not susceptible to out side events like in play markets, reducing the risk.
Scalping a pre race market involves popping in an out of the market taking quick small profits.

These are called scratch trades. With the pre race market there is no danger that the price is going to shot off in one direction, for example, a rider falls of the horse.

Scalping this pre race market on Betfair is good because the race hasn't actually started. There are no physical events happening that are moving the market. But, the price still moves around enough to make money. This movement in the price is really just noise.

Scalping this market with larger stakes is less risky because it is not too volatile. Scalping on Betfair with larger stakes is where your profits can really pick up.

The Betfair betting exchange is good for scalping because you can back and lay the favourite horse quickly.

To be successful you expect to take profits and loses of about the same size. The frequency of profits should outweigh your losses. You don't want the losses to get out of hand other wise you are on an up hill struggle to regain them.

The worst thing you can do is hang onto a bet because it's losing and let it play out as the race commences. This is not the way and is simply gambling.

How to scalp?

The best form of scalping is to perform scratch trades. Scratch trades are a form of scalping when you are in and out of the market very quickly. This form of scalping is all about money management and involves cutting loses from your scalping trades quickly.

Some people don't like scratch trades because they can see the price moving in the right direction after they have exiting and get annoyed about missing out on a profit. But, a scratch trade will get you out if the prices moves in the wrong direction. It's psychology really, a missed profit has a different effect on some people than a saved loss.

Scratching trades may end up costing you a few profits but it will also save you lots of losses. Many people dwell on the times when they scratch and, as soon as they did so, the trade went in the right direction and they could have made a few ticks profit if only they hadn’t scratched so quickly. opened up their website to software programmers allowing third party providers to offer tools to aid Betfair traders. There are a range of software providers with systems that make scalping a lot easier.

For a full description of scalping and how to use free software to start scalping on Betfair visit Lets Compare

Getting The Most Out Horse Racing

There are lots of ways in which you can get more enjoyment out of horse racing but it will very much depend on what you are trying to achieve.

It could be a quick fix, in which race day tips would be an idea choice or for those of you like to take the more serious studying path, form ratings, systems, tissue prices or use a list of racecourse specialists as a starting point.

All these are included as part of our extensive membership package and for a one off payment you get a full membership and access to information that is not generally available to the public for a full 12 months and not just one.

You can now discover the secrets of Jadwiz Racing and access to information that is not generally available to the public by claiming your FREE trial, full membership details are shown at the bottom of this page.

Email: to get your free login details or follow our introduction which can be found below.

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Scalping On Betfair

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